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General Body Meeting!

18 October '11 by .

Our next general body meeting will be this Thursday, October 20th, at 7:30pm in the Campus Center room 168C. We will be announcing our spring break trip and releasing the rest of the builds for the semester. If you cannot make it we will send out the minutes after the meeting and add people to any remaining spots on the build waitlists as well.

See you all there!

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Habitat Kick Off Meeting!

22 September '11 by .

Our first meeting of the year 2011-2012 has just been announced! It will take place on next Monday, September 26th, at 7:30. It’s located in SOM 137 (school of management next to Mahar). We will be releasing all of the builds for October during this meeting, so come and learn more about Habitat, our plans for this year, and sign yourself up to get onto a build site!

See you next Monday!

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13 October '10 by .

FB Event:
from the email:
Hello All!

I write to you all bearing some good news and bad. Here’s the bad news: We are not going to be able to have our meeting tomorrow. Unfortunately, Umass is holding some sort of conference tomorrow night and as a result ALL of the rooms in the campus center are booked–so lame. So, what we are going to do is reschedule the meeting. I have officially booked Campus Center Room 917 for Tuesday October 19th at 6 pm! At this meeting, we will be discussing upcoming builds, more opportunities to volunteer, fundraising, and Spring Break. Speaking of which…Here is the good news. We have booked our Spring Break trip for this year and the location is….drum roll please….MIAMI FLORIDA!! I know, so great. SO! If you wanna party in the city where the heat is on with Habitat, show up to the meeting on Tues because this will be an important meeting for all prospective Spring Breakers to attend. See you all on Tuesday. Thanks guys!!


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This Weekend!

28 April '10 by .

We are looking for volunteers this weekend!
-Sat 9am-4pm and Sun 12pm-4pm
-Stanley St. in Amherst

This is the big pre-dedication push for the 3rd house at this site, and we are attempting to get as many volunteers as possible. Please contact an officer if you are interested in going with our group on either day!

as always, no experience necessary

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Election Results

19 April '10 by .

The results are in, the 2010-2011 officers are:
Hannah Fontes – President
Julie Mullins – VP
Deepti Sreepathi – Secretary
Sam Erb – Treasurer
Greg Hom – Membership
Matthew Zolnierz – Fundraising Coordinator
Caitlyn Hogan – build Coordinator
Michael Urbanowski – Spring Break Coordinator
Molly Flynn – Public Relations

If anybody is interested in reading our constitution –

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10 April '10 by .

2010-2011 Officer Elections
4/15/2010 – 6:30
Campus Center 165-69

BE THERE – and exercise your democratic right to vote!!!
If you are interested in running, send an email to and let us know ahead of time(before Tuesday)!

Also, spring breakers – come to the meeting! afterwards we have Thank You notes to sign!


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Spring Break ’10

11 March '10 by .

email that was sent:

Hello Habitaters!
I hope that everybody is as excited as I am for the spring break trip to Mobile,AL!

Tomorrow(3/12) we are meeting at:
4PM Parking Lot behind Franklin (near the FAC)

We will also have 1 car that will make the following stops:
3:30 – Totman Gym
3:45 – the red shack in Southwest
If you are off campus and cannot make it to the parking lot behind Franklin on your own, call Cara to arranage an earlier pickup.

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Spring Break ’10 – Mandatory Meeting Tomorrow! (3/10/10)

09 March '10 by .


Hey Spring Breakers!

I hope you are really excited that we are leaving in 3 days!! We are having one last meeting before we leave, so you must attend this one. It’s more of a “meet and greet”, so get pumped up because we all are going to MOBILE, ALABAMA!!! Woooo hoooooo

Okay, back to the meeting:
When: Wednesday 3/10/10
Time: 7:00 PM
Where: Couches next to the Blue Wall
Bring: Any money/paperwork that needs to be collected

I think that’s it for now, sooo see all of you tomorrow!!


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Last Spring Break meetings

04 March '10 by .

Email that was sent out:

Hey Spring Breakers,

So I have received emails this time from several of you who cannot attend this meeting. The paperwork cannot be sent online, and must be filled out in person. It is of the utmost importance you meet with me or another Habitat Officer by next Wednesday to make sure all of your paperwork is filled out, or else you will not be able to attend with us this year. We do not want this!! We want everyone to have the opportunity to go. SO if you CANNOT attend tomorrow’s meeting please, email me a time you can meet me or another officer, either Friday, Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. IF you cannot somehow schedule to meet with us, we will be having another MANDATORY meeting next Wednesday (REMEMBER THAT IS 2 DAYS BEFORE WE LEAVE), where everyone must attend!!

For those who are attending tomorrow’s meeting:
When: Thursday, 3/4/10
Where: Campus Center Room 905
Time: 7:00 PM
What to Bring: Bring Driver’s Licenses/ID Information (Cannot be UMass Student ID) AND Health Insurance Information

Please attend tomorrow’s meeting if you are able too!! We need to get all the paperwork filled out and in before next Wednesday!


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Spring Break meeting TOMMOROW!!! (2/18/2010)

17 February '10 by .

Hey Everyone,

I know it may be the middle of exam week for some of you, but I hope all of you are doing well!

This email is specifically for those who are attending the Spring Break trip to Alabama. We are having a MANDATORY meeting tomorrow. Sorry for all the caps-lock, but it’s of utter importance that you come! We have several things we will be discussing, so I suggest all those who are going on the trip attend this meeting. ALSO, there are still some of you who haven’t paid yet, and it’s really important that you do so, AT THIS MEETING. It is $25 just for now, so make sure you bring that. OR they may be a great chance you will lose your spot.

Date: Thursday, February 18, 2010
Time: 7 PM
Location: Dukes Room, Student Union
Bring: $25 for those who haven’t paid yet!

If you CANNOT come to this meeting, email us AS SOON A POSSIBLE.

Thanks everyone! I hope to see all of you tomorrow!!


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Last second builds!

22 January '10 by .


Hiya Habitaters!

We have two builds coming up for this current weekend! The builds are from Saturday[1/23] 9-5 and Sunday 12-4[1/24]. If anyone were interested in attending that would be awesome! If you are interested please contact Sydney at

Thanks so much!

Caitlyn Hogan

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Spring Break 2010

02 November '09 by .

2010 Spring Break Trip:
We are all really sorry about the confusion about the Spring break trip! So Spring Break March 2010 we will be going to Mobile, Alabama! This will take place during the week of March 14th 2010. We will travel to Alabama in two 12-passenger vans and will spend both weekends traveling to and from Alabama. We currently have THREE available spots left to raffle off for the Spring break trip. If anyone is interested please email back one of the officers NO LATER than Wednesday November 6th with their name, DOB, phone number, and school year. We will then email you back your status and arrange to meet you on a campus to collect the $ 25 deposit. If you aren’t chosen you will be placed on the wait list, which in the past has been utilized quite frequently.

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First Meeting

19 September '09 by .

First general body meeting of the semester:
Time: 7pm, October 1st, 2009
Location: Campus Center 911

UPDATE: Moved from September 24th to October 1st

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Summer update!

10 August '09 by .

I hope that everyone is having a great summer and I have some good news!

We now have a (try and hold back you excitement)

mailing list system!

If you email inbox was already being filled up by our emails then there is no need to do anything.

If you are not on our email list yet (you have never written your name down at one of our meetings) and want to receive up-to-date information on upcoming events and trips, then use the subscribe box on the right side —>
When you subscribe you will receive a confirmation email from “list<@ this domain .com>” within 15 minutes, if you don’t then add “list<@ this domain .com>” as a contact within your inbox so we don’t get spam filtered.
-Sam Erb

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Gingerbread House Building Contest!

18 February '09 by .

The Gingerbread House Building Contest that Habitat for Humanity hosted on December 13th, 2008 was a sweet success!  We had festive holiday music playing while our 10 teams competed for the best Gingerbread House!

Teams working on their houses!

Teams working on their houses!

Our first place winners and their house:

Lindsey, Kelleyanne, Amanda, and Alex

Lindsey, Kelleyanne, Amanda, and Alex

Winning House!

Winning House!

A Side View

A Side View

Beautiful Detail on the Back

Beautiful Detail on the Back

Thank you to everyone who participated and made our event so much fun!  I hope we can do it again next year.

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Gingerbread House Building Contest

01 December '08 by .

Hey everyone!

On Saturday December 13th, Habitat is hosting a Gingerbread House Building Contest at Earth Foods (The Commonwealth Room) from 3pm to 6pm.  Make a team of 3-5 students to enter the contest! Entry fees are only $10 which could be $2 per person!  If you don’t want to make a team, come by and enjoy the festive music and atmosphere for FREE!  Gift certificates will be awarded to the winning houses so bring some friends and come on by!  We look forward to seeing you there. :)

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Exciting times…

17 November '08 by .

So we now have a website, fancy stuffs. We are going to be linked on the RSO’s A-Z page within a few weeks, as they are getting a new system up and running. As for any officer in H4H who’s reading this, you should all have account here and be able to post whatever you want too :)

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Welcome to our new site!

22 October '08 by .

Hello, and welcome to our new Umass Habitat website!
A few things that still need to be done:

  • Update the top image
  • Get the other pages working and linked correctly
  • Setup the other officers with the ability to post here!

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